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Afrobeats for African Artists – Get Ready Studio Session

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Afrobeats for African DJ – Get ready for your next studio session

As an American Afrobeats instrumental producer living in LA who makes pop rap beats for DJs, I’ve participated in several music studio sessions. I’ve had the pleasure to work with phenomenal African song writers and Afrobeat singers who are look for trending styles of music to write to.  More often than not, song writers are looking for Afrobeat instrumentals because they crossover multiple genres.

Where to find Radio Ready Afrobeat instrumentals for UK Afrobeat Rappers in the studio

There’s really not secret formula to putting together a good song. For me, I like to discuss the various parts of a song before heading into a long studio session.  Because a musical drop has become a popular addition to many new hit songs that are playing on the radio, new rappers and song writers will enjoy writing to club beats for sale.  Kustom, Afrobeats producer at Afrobeats-World, suggests that Afrobeat production elements should be incorporated somewhere if trying to find the best afrobeats to buy.

DJ Afrobeats or Club bangers for sale | The Best Afrobeats to Buy for your lyrics

Some clients will travel great distances to get in the studio and record their songs. I said in a different post that I particularly enjoyed being able to field test my beats live, on stage in the Afro beat festival with a DJ.  It can’t just be any club either – try to get your songs / beats / music played in the best clubs.  So there I was in Vegas with one of the DJs I was producing remixes for and we were just wrapping up dinner at Bobby Flay’s steakhouse.  There were other night time club operations managers there in attendance as well so there was some interesting discussion going around the table about how certain big-name DJs can bring in more money while others still have great music but don’t bring the crowds.

All I can say is, I always have more fun getting into beats that have a club vibe to them or a cool vocal drop.  Get your favorite cool beats or club banger beats on the home page of

Vocal beats – Chopped Vox Afrobeat bass trap drop sound effect

I should really write an entire article on this. One of the most popular styles right now (its Nov 2016 as I’m writing this) is beats with a creative vocal drop.  I have been putting this concept into beats and various songs that I produce for the past 10 years.  For what it’s worth, it is always a better practice to find a great melody with existing vocals recorded directly from the session.  Once you have the main song written and melodies recorded, you can use post-production techniques to create vocal drop.  The way I do this is by splicing vocals just short of each note change.  Then, I arrange the various vocal samples into a new melody with some DJ sound FX (tape stop, reverb, delay, distortion, etc.).

Sometimes, when you modulate the vocal too much, it can alter the phasing and create pitch issues.  Therefore, I recommend using a pitch correction VST plug-in like Autotune or Melodyne to put your new vocal drop to the correct note.  To buy vocal beats or browse current vocal instrumentals, check them all out here – Afrobeats World Home Page

Hip hop Afrobeat Beats vs Instrumental Dance Beats by unknown DJ

Really trying to foot-stomp the whole “pop rap beats” idea because it seems to encompass more genres. For example, “rap” correlates with hip hop like dance associates with pop.  Or the term “DJ” has a positive correlation with “Afrobeats.”  In music, there’s crossover opportunities literally everywhere.  Sometimes, as a full-time music producer, I have to remind myself what kinds of beats actually sell.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that the better songs in the clubs or festivals feature song writers who write lyrics to hip hop beats with Afrobeat sounds or a music drop.

A side note about DJs that really grinds my gears – festival beats or remixes

Many DJs and festival performers ask me for remixes or festival beats. I understand that hearing a popular song in a modern way can be exciting.  However, even if you’re trying to profit from it, record labels always have the final say as to where you can upload it and will quickly shut you down.  Obviously, you can’t make money from something that’s not yours if you don’t have correct permissions to sell.  If you’re going to bother remixing something, at least try to get a studio quality acapella to work with.  Bootlegging mp3 files and working on DIY remix projects are fun, but very time consuming.

If you tell me to remix something in the style of a different producer, it is still going to come out sounding like it was produced by Kustom.  It happens to me often like:  “Make me a track like [insert song name] featuring [insert popular DJ].”  Sure, I’ll make you a beat “in the style of” your favorite artist or producer or DJ.  But it’ll sound like it was produced by Kustom.  So what?  Ask for a beat produced by Kustom with influences from your favorite artists and DJs and I’ll do my best.  Need a custom Afrobeat instrumentals?  Basic members get to ask for beats.  Sign up – its Free.