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Up and coming afrobeat DJ artists and UK rappers can always find inspiration on Afrobeats-World.  From what you hear on the charts, many fresh afrobeat instrumentals are emerging similar to the ones found on the official Kustom Beats Website.

Afrobeat instrumentals | Afrobeats Instrumental – Afro Dance Music Tracks on Facebook

Up and coming DJ artists or afrobeat rap moguls are always putting out new songs. From what you’ve heard, many of the fresh afrobeat styles on Beatport are similar to the ones on  Afrobeat beats for DJs and performers are available online now!


Top New Afrobeats on Facebook | Afrobeat instrumentals for sale

Afrobeats-World has prepositioned many different genres of music available to download. You can find afrobeat tracks for sale for DJ use in tracks and mixes.  Download and listen to new, exclusive, afro beats and african instrumental tracks.  Available in mp3 and wav at the world’s top store for DJs and Afrobeat artists.  Once you finish writing a new song to beats purchased on Afrobeats-World, consider releasing an EP on the leading Afrobeat platform.


Popular Afro beats | Getting your music on Beat port as a African Artist

It is not that difficult to get your music posted up on the #1 place for Afrobeat releases. There are some basic requirements that you have to meet in order to be eligible.

  • Have a release schedule with promotion milestones
  • Established online presence via social networks and personal websites
  • Relevant releases with other similar artists / remix DJs
  • Testimonials of your success or positive comments posted such as on Facebook or Youtube

Not everybody is able to meet all the requirements. So if you can’t meet them you have make sure that you at least have an amazing song to work with.  To do this, you should be using afrobeat instrumentals from


Purchasing Afrobeats Instrumentals using Facebook or Afrobeat beats

The dance music industry has no idea yet, but it is experiencing a radical change. With the launch of best-edm-beats, people can enjoy an exclusive, online store dedicated to serving just afrobeat instrumentals for sale.  After a series of successful business moves and partnerships, producer Kustom continues to produce for well-known DJ’s around the world.  Singers, Songwriters, DJs, and rap artists have embraced Kustom as a “go-to” producer for their afrobeat needs.  In return, Kustom has produced Afrobeats-world as the #1 place to go for afrobeats, to an awesome standard, challenging the popular beat websites like Soundclick and Rocbattle for the top spot on google for afro beats.


Industry Support for Kustom – Afrobeat Producer at Afrobeats-World

“I’ve just registered on your site… it was time that you brought us some new beats. It seems you have a reputation among other beatmakers I contacted.  You seem to be a reference for them.  Some said stuff like:  “Kustom, damn this guy is too hot, if I could be at least 50% like him, in terms of creativity, I would be the happiest man on earth.”  For sure, they are good, but not great.  They don’t have that Kustom touch.  So they don’t amaze me with their production as much.”

It is not just the fans who’ve embraced producer Kustom at Afrobeats either.  Both artists and industry professionals now support the online afrobeat instrumental store.  Top afrobeat artists and DJs go to the home page to purchase trending afrobeat beats.  Artists see it as bragging rights, while managers, publicists, and book agents see beats labeled as “hot” as dollar signs.  Why?  Because popular artists are getting booked with beats purchased from  And bookings make the money!


You’re here – now get some new Afrobeat DJ beats for download off Facebook Afrobeat page

You’ve accepted the fact you are able to find afro beats on this site. You’re ready to head over to the home page of this website, browse some of the top 10 best beats and make a purchase or two. You’ll notice that the newer tracks show a “hot” or “new” text marketing.  The afrobeat music tracks are popular and it’s a common sound that you hear on radio. So hire an afrobeats producer online to produce a track.  Then, shop it around to larger DJ’s who are willing to put their name on it for promotion.  If they buy it, it’s because they think it will help boost their reputation; leading to more bookings; and therefore, more dollars!

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Use the African Music Award charts to find the best genres in Afrobeat Music

Regardless of how a track is made, or by who, as a fan or Afrobeats aficionado, you should be able to trust the Afrobeat charts. The top afrobeat tracks give you an honest representation of which artists are currently considered popular and successful.  But not really because the chart is manipulation somewhat by users who buy their own songs.  Most of that has been prevented, but not all.  My recommendation as an exclusive afrobeat producer on Afrobeats-World would be to use the charts to just listen to the elements use in the beats.  Listen for the sound selection, percussion ideas, arrangements, bass sound fx, and more.  This is the precise method used by leading African DJs and artists when looking for trending styles of afrobeats music for purchase.

Today, more aspiring artists and more music being released than ever before. That tells me there is something wrong with the current model professional artists, labels, and records companies are choosing to operate under. And yes, by doing nothing about it, they really are choosing this fate. Some artists choose to give away their music for free, and they seem to be doing quite well for themselves.


Future of Afrobeats | What will African Music sound like in the Future

Afrobeats-World will continue to serve its purpose and be a great, awesome place to purchase new music. Meanwhile, don’t believe everything you see, hear, or read in the media.  Start to make decisions about which artists you support and enjoy by actually listening to music.  Stop being a follower and start thinking for yourself. Better yet, start creating your own music using beats from