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Better Afrobeats Song Arrangements

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Sure, it’s fun, but using this method you might disregard the fundamentals of song.  Best beats for new rappers are Afrobeats dance music tracks.  Don’t finish up a studio session wondering why your music isn’t right.  Keep reading…

Things in a music session that shouldn’t be missed

If you are like me, you probably jumped into getting all the best tools for music in early stages. Spending time browsing the internet learning fancy mix techniques, complex sound design, and rumors of how the music business works.

Among these are commonly missed things in a music session that shouldn’t be neglected: song structure and song dynamics.  Today, both of these things are not as discussed as much as they should be when writing songs.  Its important to remember how a song tells a story and has peaks and valleys.  This is known as song dynamics.

After speaking with hundreds of music professionals about their challenges with song arrangement, there is the key tips that, if applied correctly, will help transform your songs.  If these pointers aren’t not familiar to you, I still recommend studying them.  Just a little refresher never hurts.

The 3 tricks for good song composition are:

    Keep it simple,
   Start each song with a target or goal,
   Begin with the whole picture, and end with small details of a mix.

Let’s dive deeper.

Arrangement Idea #1: Keep it brief

It’s not actually bad practice to create a 6-minute music arrangement.  Although, it may be considered “bad” when that tune doesn’t have to be 6 minutes long.

Quite simply, ensure that your arrangement is intended to be “x minutes” long.  As a music fan, I know that mixes can be boring if they do not have the right combination of peaks and valleys.  Therefore, song arrangement and music dynamics are great ways to keep your fans engaged.  Alternatively, if you have a tune that is dragging on, it may be as sign that you need to get to the point and tell the story of your song sooner.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is often extremely difficult to accomplish long song arrangements. If you believe you are writing too much – make it shorter.  Brevity in your lyrics themes can be a beautiful thing.

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How will you make something shorter?  The fluff has to be removed by you.  The clutter, that is.

Sometimes this implies shortening transitions, and other times this means removing parts of a song you’ve spent time refining because they simply aren’t necessary.  Do not get too worked up about your work – just remove parts as needed.

If you wish to learn more about how precisely to improve your music as a new afrobeat producer, I’ve written a complete article on this issue. You can read all Afrobeat news by Kustom here.

Arrangement Idea #2: Give each section a focus theme

One common fault a whole lot of new producers and Afrobeat DJs make is that they add too much conflicting content in each various sections of the track.  This is flawed logic that basically translates to: “the more we add, the better our music will appear.”

New and experienced Afrobeat producers and music song writers alike frequently are misdirected by the concept that “more means better.”  Sometimes, “less is more” and its something in a song arrangement that promotes the “peak and valley” effect – e.g., music dynamics.  Its no different with Afrobeats instrumentals produced by Kustom or house beats found here on Afrobeats World.

This is true when selective ideas are carefully placed and thoughtfully added.  It’s a very important factor to include strategic placed elements in your mixes; however, your song arrangement will suffer if the mix is cluttered with a bunch of unnecessary sounds or noises.  If you’re goal is the add the most stuff as fast as possible into your songs, then you’re probably going to miss the mark.

In Afrobeat instrumentals – Pointless ideas can leave the listener confused.

Studies show a listener can only just notice 3 elements simultaneously in a song, with full attention generally being limited to only one 1 of these 3 elements.  This is the secret to how the best Afrobeat drops are made.

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Whether its a vocal, a melody, or a bassline, find out what tool needs the most attention in each section (intro, verse, chorus, etc.), and structure your song composition and mix to put that aspect at the forefront.  In my opinion, if you’re song has vocals, they should be the “star” of the mix.

For instance, if you make a pluck synth sound as the lead, you should place your bassline further back in the mix, thus allowing the pluck noise to use the frequencies that allow it cut through the mix. Repeating this forces the listener to give attention to the new pluck sound on the bassline they’d heard through the 16 bars beforehand.

Arrangement Idea #3: Start big picture, end with small details

You can get caught up tweaking things, adding complicated automation, and equalizing frequencies.  But these are things that basically don’t make that a lot of a difference in the long run unless they are purposed designed to make a big difference.

It’s easy to get this done during the first stages of creating the best song arrangements for hits.  This stage of the music creating process sets the framework for the rest of the song.

Instead of doing the same thing over and over, wasting time on the tiny details (which, if indeed they are really important, can wait around till later), focus on the big picture.  Your mix should be thought about like a single product, not some gumbo of sounds.

When it comes to composition and music design, this implies using clean quality equipment.  Obtain the basic song arrangement set up before trying to write the lyrics too soon.  You can always keep coming back and color in those tiny details later.

Final Thoughts:

    Where’s the break down going to be?
    Just how long is the break down heading to be?
    MUST I have a verse prior to the first change up, or do a quick build up during the intro?


Good arrangement does not have to be hard, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to master.

If you want to share this information, or use this as reference material, and feel free to link back to this content when needed.