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Do you need free EDM sounds or dance instrumentals for your commercials? Do you need a free dj track for your Live Set, EP/Mixtape, T.V. and film, or music projects? I also offer opportunities to get free EDM beats for videos or free music download to use for non-profit.  My name is Kustom and I am a professional electronic dance music producer and composer. 

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I can sit down with you to customize EDM beats to your specifications.  You can also choose from a variety of dance beats and DJ tracks I have already created by browsing them on the home page –  To download EDM beats follow the steps below. Use the beat download link below to navigate to one free EDM beat I made for you to play with.  Save it to your desktop computer or mobile phone.

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At you can instantly download beats and instrumentals that you find on the home page.  Getting the music you want couldn’t be any easier.  If you’re looking to download free beats, you can get free instrumental by clicking free beats download on the beats free download page. All you need to do is choose an option and wait for the beat magic to begin.  Please take a second to view the free beat download rules below.  Other EDM beat download license options are also available. I have different packages for ARTISTS and TV and Film.  Do this before you download beats or make any purchases.

Free EDM | EDM Beats Free | Beats Download Free – Basic Rules

If you’re a DJ looking for some free EDM beats, free dance beats, or club beats free, there is some basic guidelines for how you may credit the producer of the instrumental.  When you get a free dj track for an EP or free house beats for background music, consider doing a giveaway mixtape release, YouTube Video, any project that does not create revenue/money, etc..  Record labels or music industry executives want to sell your music.  They also want to make money off the project you will be creating with these free instrumentals, you need to purchase the correct beat license that supports monetization.

Basically, if you want to use free music from, credit the edm producer or the website.  E.g., “Song Title” (prod by or “Song Title” (prod by Kustom).  This is the same rule if you are using my free dance music or any free EDM track.  Read more about EDM producer Kustom here.

Main Reasons You Should Purchase Beats vs. Download Instrumentals Free of Charge

I certainly want artists and DJs to advance in their music endeavors. I understand sometimes which means offering free EDM beats so said musician or DJ can practice their build before they need to spend money.  Whether you’re here for a Calvin Harris beat or to look for tracks that sound like a dj snake beat, Best-EDM-Beats has got you covered.

Although, getting free beats can take you back the long term unless you eventually end up buying your beats. 

Stop getting free beats – new artists should use electronic dance music tracks.

You aren’t permitted sell your music on itunes legitimately, cdbaby, tunecore, bandcamp, taxi cab etc…

no free beats

You can’t legitimately sell your music unless you purchase your beats. Once you make sounds using free beats, you can only just use your instrumentals for YouTube, Promotional Videos, Non-Profit Use, Giveaway Mixtapes or Albums, and you do not own privileges to your own music and cannot make hardly any money retailing your music.  But for DJs, you may have a good chance of downloading tropical beats and dropping them in your set.

Beats download free

Free beats are for campaign only. Which means that you can’t even accept $.99 cents for your effort, sweating and tears you placed into your music.

Why waste all those things talent on the music that’s never heading to qualify for the billboard 100 chart. Plus, free beats aren’t really reputed in the music industry & most industry execs see them repulsive and overused.

You’ve been told all the jokes about designers still getting the tag on the beat and their songs is focused on money and exactly how much they may be balling with cash but received no doe to get their instrumentals. You shouldn’t be that dude that “stunting on the beat” with the label says “purchase your songs today”.

Buying beats demonstrates you are serious and other music pros will be likely to spend money on you.

Consider it. If you are a musician and can’t sell your music, how will you make money? Eventually you will have to start out purchasing your tracks if you wish to compete with serious artists and officially have privileges to your music (Non-Exclusive or Exclusive etc…).  To be honest, there is really no difference between contracts used for electronic beats for sale versus for people who want to buy pop beats online.

Buy EDM beats online

Although, if your music is genuine and you also contact the manufacturer you want beat leases from, chances are that a manufacturer might sponsor you if your music is sufficient plus they see prospect of growth along the way. What’s even cooler, is if the cool beats you choose sound like popular DJs in electronic dance music today – such as Chainsmokers beats or Calvin Harris Instrumental.

Tropical beats | DJ Snake instrumentalDJ beats for sale

In the end, making a tune takes collaboration between your music producer and the musician and possessing a team is nearly a must-have in this industry, particularly if you are looking to be an unbiased artist. After all, making a song takes collaboration between the producer and the artist and having a team is almost a have-to in this industry, especially if you’re looking to be an independent artist.

  • You make a method of trading and relationship building with the producer you are buying your instrumental from and they’ll be more likely to help you capture the sound you want
  • Get industry exposure for your music
  • Get placements on TV, Commercials, and Film
  • Help your marketing efforts on music websites such as Soundclick, Souncloud etc…
  • Support and guide you throughout the industry
  • Provide features for your growth

I’ve pointed out that the musicians and artists that collaborate with the producer directly, email back and forth, make some type of contact or build connection with them, conclude obtaining the most smoothest process the quickest for making great songs with free beats.

Songs with free beats are good – but you need exclusive rights to sell and make money

Artists and EDM beat makers on Soundclick and Soundcloud are virtually revolutionizing just how artists are obtaining high visibility at an accelerated rate.  Also DJ and deejay artists are looking for free edm tracks to quick lay in their sets.

I’ve heard about some these EDM producers getting 150,000+ hits night after night time and everything began by collaborating with the companies that are at the top of the graphs.

The artist will buy the beat from the company – musician makes the track – producer places that track on his/her profile – instant publicity. It practically happens that fast and it’s really actually a technique that I’ve used myself on my Soundclick EDM producer Web page.

I still have a producer account on the net with RocBattle and Abeato as well, but I’ve transferred from having my main account on a second site aside from my main side at kustom beats. I would recommend building a site vs an account on somebody else’s music site, but also for if you are a fresh artist, both these sites make a great starting place.

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