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Afro Beats are a marriage of hip-hop beats and raps with strong melodic hooks, which are usually featured as part of the chorus section in a standard pop-song structure. Rap pop combo tends to be less aggressive and lyrically complex than most street-level hip-hop, although during the mid- to late ’90s, some artists infused the style with a more hardcore attitude in an attempt to defuse backlash over their accessibility. Afrobeats got its start in the late ’80s, when other artists — around the same time — began to play up rap’s connection to dance music and african dance music.

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A decade later, Afrobeat producers relied on samples to supply their melodies, and with the willingness to borrow hooks from well-known hit songs without altering those appropriations very much, if at all. This gave the style a not entirely deserved bad reputation, since many ’90s artists continued to score big pop hits while developing their own distinctive sounds. 80s pop hits helped bring gangsta and hardcore themes to the top of the charts; by the end of the ’90s, pop-rap was dominated by artists they had influenced and/or mentored, as well as artists who blended rap with urban soul.  Such styles are heard in most African dance music tracks.

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Afrobeats-World has beats that are also good for rappers and new producers. African rap spread from continental Africa throughout the remainder of the U.K. (with each region taking on its own specific flavor) and then to countless countries. DJ’s collaborating with rappers experiment by mixing core components including beats and rhymes, but that simplicity belies the wide range of sounds that have sprung from them. Instrumentalists, a sampled breakbeat, or a drum machine can form the backbone of a track, while an arrangement can be spaciously spare or chaotically dense, and a chorus can range from atonal shouting to a sweet melody.  Should rap ever die, which isn’t likely, it would be far too late to prevent its effect on most other music forms, from R&B to rock to jazz.  The most versatility you can expect from a music producer like Kustom. Kustom, aka “Mike”, produces music for well-known DJ’s and Afrobeat fans.  Find his exclusive catalog of African DJ Beats for sale.